Company Visit at Noodoe

Noodoe is a Taipei based IoT company who “creates magical experiences” for people and businesses through smart, technological solutions. On October 27th, CITO got the opportunity to visit the innovative company and meet the founder John Wang. Noodoe has been visited by CITO before, in 2015. The visit was much appreciated, making current CITO keen to visit Noodoe and take part of their successful journey and business story.

John Wang is a former Chief Marketing Officer at HTC and founder of the company’s innovation center Magic Labs. Wang was highly involved in HTC’s success by transforming the branding of the company. He explained thoroughly about his own journey at the tech company, as well as about how the company developed during his operative years. For instance, Mr. Wang described how HTC and Apple competed against each other to be the first company to launch a smartphone. Owing to Apple’s strong brand, HTC benefited from the situation and did a successful launch.

In 2013, Wang founded Noodoe who was named Cool Vendor of the Year 2016 by Gartner. The company integrates technological solutions as cloud services, software design and user experience design into products. In cooperation with KYMCO, a personal vehicle brand, Noodoe has integrated a personal social display to improve the user experience. Noodoe Service Block, which let restaurant visitors to communicate restaurant staffs, is also a innovative product developed by Noodoe, which has improved the service industry and increased restaurant’s efficiency.

At the end of the visit, Mr. Wang showed CITO around the office. He described how Noodoe values an open office landscape where all employees, regardless of position, share the same work place. By having an open office they could increase both work efficiency and promotive innovation.

CITO would like to thank Mr. Wang for his kind reception and an inspiring meeting. The company visit exceeded CITO’s already high expectations. Thank you!

Mr. Wang and CITO at Noodoe.

Mr. Wang and CITO at Noodoe.

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Company Visit at SHL Group

On October 2nd, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce arranged a company visit at SHL Group in Taoyuan. CITO, together with students from Linköpings University got the opportunity to take part in the visit and get an insight in the company’s business. SHL Group, established in 1989 by Swedish Roger Samuelsson, is a world leading solution provider of advanced drug delivery systems. The company consists of four group companies: SHL Medical, SHL Healthcare, SHL Technologies and SHL Pharma, which together design, develop and manufacture devices such as auto and pen injectors to equipment for home and hospital use care. The visit at the Taoyuan office was primarily led by Ulrich Faessler, who are a Managing Director and has worked for the company for more than ten years.

Ulrich, together with other employees at SHL Group, presented and introduced the company by explaining the company operations, the steps from idea to product, and how they work with and include the company’s core values in their everyday work. Ulrich was open for a lot of questions throughout the whole visit, letting the students ask questions that came up during the presentation. Furthermore, he described how the they work together with the U.S. and European based business of the company, the company’s goal to automate as much as possible of the production in Taoyuan, and the company’s customization of orders.

The visit also included a factory tour, letting the students take part in the manufacture of the company’s products. The tour took the students through the molding and tooling department of the manufacturing, giving a good insight in how products are created through processes as injection molding and detailed, manual processing of material.

CITO would like to thank Swedish Chamber of Commerce and SHL Group for an interesting and enriching visit.

Presentation of Ulrich Faessler.

Presentation by Ulrich Faessler.

Factory tour.

Factory tour.

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Opening Ceremony


On October 2nd, it is finally time for the Opening Ceremony of the CITO Office. This year, it is hosted by CITO 17/18 and we hope to see as many as possible there. The event will include Swedish “fika” and fun activities. If you want to know more about CITO, Sweden or just get to know some Swedish people, you should come!

The office’s opening hours this semester are as follows:

Tuesday: 12.15 – 13.00

Wednesday: 12.15 – 13.00

Thursday: 12.15 – 13.00

Stay tuned for more information about the office and upcoming event!

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Business travel in Ulaanbaatar 2017

Business Travel Mongolia 2017

On May 3 – 5th, CITO representatives Linnea Johansson and Tom Diedrichs traveled to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where they visited the following companies:

– Atlas Copco

– EY

– German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology

– UL Equipment Co.

– Sandvik

Read more about it here

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Business travel in Seoul 2017


On May 10th-12th, CITO representatives Anton and Anders traveled to Seoul where they visited the following companies:

– Swedish Chamber of Commerce Korea

– Business Sweden South Korea

– Scania

Read more about it here

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The Chalmers International Taiwan Office is an organization set up by one of the leading technological universities in Sweden - Chalmers University of Technology. The office is run by exchange students from Chalmers and is based at the National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Our aim is to act as a hub between Chalmers and East Asia.

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Visit us in our office at NCTU!

Any student, no matter where you’re from or how long you’ve come in your studies should feel free to visit us during our opening hours. Feel free to ask questions about Sweden, studying abroad, life in Europe or simply just hang out with us! Why not bring your lunch and eat together with us and have a relaxed chat?
Of course we’ll offer Swedish “fika” (coffee and cookie) to our beloved visitors!

Once again, Welcome to Administration Building, 1st floor! We are more than happy to see you!

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