CITO Alumni

Chalmers International Taiwan Office was established in 2003 and each year a new group of Chalmers students has taken over the responsibilities of the office. Therefore Chalmers International Taiwan Office has an alumni group of more than 70 Chalmers students. You can find their contact information and information about their current occupation under “Previous staff resource”. Chalmers Asia organises a reunion for all Taiwan Office alumni every summer in Gothenburg. For more information about our latest reunion, please see “Previous staff resource”.

Chalmers International Taiwan Office can also help you get in touch with the following Chalmers alumni groups:

  • International Chalmers Master Graduates
  • Chalmers graduates who have participated in an Asian exchange program
  • Chalmers graduates who are or have been working in Asia

Should you be interested, at the community site, a group has been created for Chalmers students who have been to Eastern Asia.

For further information about these alumni groups, please contact:

Lisa Barrehag

Address: National Chiao Tung University, 1001 Ta-Hsueh Rd., Hsinchu, Taiwan 30010, R.O.C. Email: cito(a)