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Company Visit at H&M in Taipei

The last company visit for CITO this semester was H&M. On December 1st, James Chang welcomed us to the H&M office in Taipei located on the 23rd floor of the building. Mr Chang, who is PR Manager in Taiwan, began

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Company visit at Svenska Handelsbanken in Taipei

On November 30th CITO representatives traveled to Taipei to visit Svenska Handelsbanken. The CITO officers were greeted by Amy Chen, chief representative at the Taipei Representative Office. Amy described the function of the Representative Office and how it aims to

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Cinnamon Bun Day

To celebrate the Swedish pastry ”kanelbulle”, CITO invited student to the event ”Cinnamon Bun Day” on October 17th. Beyond trying out cinnamon buns, the guests were able to take a look at the latest issue of Asia Magazine. At the

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Company Visit at Noodoe

Noodoe is a Taipei based IoT company who “creates magical experiences” for people and businesses through smart, technological solutions. On October 27th, CITO got the opportunity to visit the innovative company and meet the founder John Wang. Noodoe has been

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Company Visit at SHL Group

On October 2nd, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce arranged a company visit at SHL Group in Taoyuan. CITO, together with students from Linköpings University got the opportunity to take part in the visit and get an insight in the company’s

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