Chalmers International Taiwan Office has a spacious office located in the newly built Library building of National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan. In the Office we have a small exhibition of Chalmers-Gothenburg-Sweden posters and artifacts, we have information about Chalmers and Sweden but there are also computers, a small meeting room and a couple of sofas and armchairs.
The office is open to everyone four days a week, Monday to Thursday 12:00-13:20. During these times, at least two of us are in the office working and gladly welcoming all visitors. However, as the office also serves as our refuge and meeting point, we spend a lot more time there than those four time slots. This is very appreciated by students, teachers and other visitors from Taiwan and afar that happen to stop by.

Contact Information

Chalmers International Taiwan Office
National Chiao Tung University
1001 Ta-Hsueh Rd., Hsinchu,
Taiwan 30010, R.O.C.

Email: cito(a)
Address: National Chiao Tung University, 1001 Ta-Hsueh Rd., Hsinchu, Taiwan 30010, R.O.C. Email: cito(a)