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Visit to Betsson in Manila

Today, on the 4th of June, Pascal Csikasz and Marcus Kalander visited Betsson’s office in Manila. We met with the General Manager of Betsson in Manila, Peder Lindfors, who gave us a tour of the office and told us about the company’s operations there.

Betsson is an online betting and casino company, with roots in a Swedish casino company started back in 1963. The company has had a steady history of expansion and today they have over 1000 employees. The company’s main offices are located in Sweden, Malta and the Philippines. The office In Manila develops the underlying software for Betsson’s various services and monitors the traffic on their servers.

The Manila office is not actively providing opportunities for internships or master theses. However, students may inquire about those opportunities, if they can clearly present ideas or projects they think could be of interest to Betsson. Contact is most easily made through CITO.

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