Sweden Day and Lucia Celebration

The 6th of December it was time for Sweden Day, an annual event arranged by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Business Sweden. Sweden Day is a fair where Swedish companies operating in Taiwan get to show their work for everyone interested visiting the fair. CITO, as representative from Chalmers, had its own booth at the fair. We got the opportunity to meet a lot of people both visiting the fair but also people from different Swedish companies operating in Taiwan who also had a booth at the fair.










Christmas is getting closer and to show the Taiwanese people how we celebrate Christmas in Sweden and also create some Christmas feeling for the Swedes in Taiwan, most of CITO’s members joined a “Luciat├ąg” on the VIP evening.

CITO enjoyed signing Lucia songs so much that we had a “Luciat├ąg” at NCTU as well. People looked at us like we were aliens but it was also very much appreciated from others.