On December 5th seven CITO members together with several students from Linköping University packed their bags and headed for Tesla’s campus in Taipei for an introduction of the fascinating company and a walkthrough of the campus. Bruce Chao, Head of Marketing Taiwan, hosted the event and guide us through all the interesting details about Tesla.

The event started of in Tesla’s showroom where we could have a look at several of their models. After the showroom introduction, Bruce presented what Tesla is doing and the purpose of the company. Also Tesla’s marketing strategy was introduced which was very interesting to hear about. Especially about the latest event where the Cybertruck was introduced, and if Tesla broke the glass on purpose or not.

After the presentation, Bruce walked us through the campus showing us the service center and the office spaces. It was really amazing to see how clean the service center were compared to ordinary workshops. The tour ended with a test run with some Tesla cars.

CITO and its members would like to take the opportunity to thank Tesla and Bruce for hosting this wonderful visit. We would like to address a sincere gratitude for the efforts made by our host. The visit was highly appreciated among all the CITO members and Linköping students, we all gained new insights.

On November 29th, the members off the Chalmers International Taiwan Office were invited to Ericsson’s office in Taipei for some presentations and a Q&A session. Seven out of the ten CITO members joined the meeting with one of Sweden’s most interesting companies.

The meeting started of with a presentation by Chafic Nassif, CEO at Ericsson Taiwan, about Ericsson and their view on communication, now and in the future. Then the technical details of Ericsson’s technology were introduced and we learned a lot about the base stations and 5G. Also the opportunities for young talent at Ericsson were introduced and discussed which was motivating. The visit ended with some pizza and a Q&A session which invited to lively discussions about communication, 5G and work experience in different countries. Ericsson shared their insights and also gained the perspective from the CITO members which was really appreciated.

CITO and its members would like to take the opportunity to thank Ericsson Taiwan for hosting this wonderful evening. We would like to address a sincere gratitude for the efforts made by our hosts. The visit was highly appreciated amongst all the CITO members and we all gained new insights.

The 6th of December it was time for Sweden Day, an annual event arranged by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Business Sweden. Sweden Day is a fair where Swedish companies operating in Taiwan get to show their work for everyone interested visiting the fair. CITO, as representative from Chalmers, had its own booth at the fair. We got the opportunity to meet a lot of people both visiting the fair but also people from different Swedish companies operating in Taiwan who also had a booth at the fair.










Christmas is getting closer and to show the Taiwanese people how we celebrate Christmas in Sweden and also create some Christmas feeling for the Swedes in Taiwan, most of CITO’s members joined a “Luciatåg” on the VIP evening.

CITO enjoyed signing Lucia songs so much that we had a “Luciatåg” at NCTU as well. People looked at us like we were aliens but it was also very much appreciated from others. 

On the 22nd of November, the CITO members were invited to Atlas Copco’s new facility in Taoyuan for a study visit followed by a case competition, together with the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei.

Atlas Copco is a Swedish industrial company that was founded 1873 in Stockholm and has been serving the Taiwan market for nearly 60 years. As a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, Atlas Copco offers innovative compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining excavation equipment, power tools and assembly systems.

During the evening, Atlas Copco presented the business and the different technologies they are developing. Also, the purpose and future of the company were explained. Later on, we were shown around the new facility in Taoyuan and the FIKA-area was introduced. The evening ended with a case competition regarding expansion in Malaysia and an Q&A where you could ask questions to multiple people from the staff. Snacks and drinks were served throughout the evening as well.

We would like to thank Atlas Copco and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for this fantastic evening. We learned a lot and had a great time! Thank you!

Last Tuesday Cito arranged the first sport event for this autumn. We played a sport called burnball or brännboll in Swedish. Brännboll is a game that Swedes play in school or during summertime. It’s like a mix of baseball and cricket, but easier.

We had a really fun time and looking forward to more events like this!