Company Visits

Company Visit at Ericsson

All six members of CITO 2012 went to the outskirts of central Taipei, where we were able to find our way to Ericsson without too much trouble. We were greeted by Mathias Johansson, Göran Vetterstrand and Anthony Lien among others, who thoroughly presented Ericsson’s operations in Greater China and Asia.

The Ericsson office building in Taipei is furnished in a distinctly Swedish fashion, which turned out to be a pleasant reminder of home as we were given a brief tour of some select areas.

Ericsson’s business regions were introduced, as well as how operations in Greater China are conducted. Among Ericsson’s 10 world wide business regions, Asia is the second biggest market trailing only North America. The increasing wealth as well as vast talent pool of China were identified as being of great importance to the company moving forward.

Anthony finished the presentation by describing Ericsson’s commitment to talent management, presenting the company as a modern global actor that uses a sophisticated framework for maximizing the potential of its employees. We ended the meeting by discussing the possibilities of internships at Ericsson, which presents a promising prospect that will be further developed during the spring of 2013. We all very much enjoyed the visit and are very thankful that Ericsson had the time to receive us.

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