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Visiting Höganäs in Japan


On March 5th, CITO representatives Johannes Schygge and Alexander Fornell traveled to Akasaka, Tokyo to meet a Chalmers Alumni from Mechanical Engineering – 1976. Carl-Gustav Eklund, Representative Director / President at Höganäs Japan K.K. who is an active part in the Swedish community in Japan, but also in CING Japan (Chalmersska Ingenjörsföreningen / Alumni Association).

Höganäs’s core competence is in metal powder technology and some of the areas worked in are additive manufacturing, brazing, surface coating, inductor cores, electric drive systems & 3D parts for engines. The company is a major player with a history as one of Sweden’s oldest companies. It is an international company with divisions in Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, North America & Europe. Mr Eklund with a background working as CEO for Volvo Nippon K.K. talked about how to be successful when working in Japan and understanding the culture. This interesting discussion was shared with students from Linköping University – Anton Birch-Tyrberg, William Holmkvist & Robin Linder. Carl-Gustav Eklund also explained that Höganäs tries to help students interested in internships, and that he continuously illuminates the value of having a student in the company to other businesses. CITO thanks for a warm welcome at Höganäs.

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