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Visit to Alfa Laval, Shanghai

Today, the 12th of May, Elin Almbacke and Catharina Beckman visited Alfa Laval. Marie Sommar, the Asia Communications Director, welcomed us at their office in Shanghai.

Alfa Laval is a Swedish-founded company that makes specialized products and solutions for heavy industry. The products made by Alfa Laval are used in a broad range of industries for heating, cooling, separating and transportation of products and fluids. The operation is divided into three business areas; Equipment, Marine & Diesel and Process Technology.

The company is operating in 35 different countries all over the world. They entered the Chinese market in 1984 and have today more than 2000 employees spread on plants and sales offices in China. Asia is a big market for Alfa Laval. The continent equals to more than 30 % of their total operations.

Alfa Laval welcomes students to apply for internship. However, good Chinese language skills are preferred.

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