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Visit to Electrolux in Shanghai

Today, the 13th of May, Elin Almbacke and Catharina Beckman visited Electrolux at their Shanghai office. The meeting was with Mathias Belin who is the R&D Director of SDA China and four of his colleagues. Electrolux is one of the worlds’ largest manufacturer and seller of household appliances like washing machines, vacuums, refrigerators and blenders. They have a high global presence, every year they sell more than 50 million products in 150 different countries. Since a lot of the production has moved to China they have chosen to move part of their product development from Stockholm to Shanghai.

Electrolux Shanghai said that they were definately interested in having students over for internship or master thesis work. They are interested in engineers within any field, but a knowledge and interest for design and innovation is a plus. Mandarin is not required since the company language is English. They also have a big plant in Thailand which can be of interest for Chalmers students.

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