Company Visits

Visit to P1 in Beijing

On the 19th of May, Anna Ohlin and Sofie Weidenlöv visited P1 in Beijing. P1 have developed and are currently running an online picture sharing service with an associated app and they are simultaneously developing an additional app, a dating service, which is a spin off from the original service. The picture sharing service is a kind of substitute, corresponding to the non existing Facebook which is blocked in China. It was originally an exclusive service, gathering members by invitation only. The service is now open for everyone and free to use so far, as it is financed by advertisement.

The founders of the company are Wang Yu and Sophia Pan of which we met with Mr. Wang Yu but also with Mr. Henrik Byström and Mr. Svante Jerling. They have 35 employees at the Beijing office, who are working in different fields such as design, programming, sales, finance etc.

P1 is always looking for talented Chalmers students for internships, master’s thesis and further employment. Mandarin skills are however a requirement for all departments except for the technical one.

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