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Visit to Elekta in Beijing

On the 21th of may, Anna Ohlin and Sofie Weidenlöv visited Elekta in Bejing. Elekta is a medical technology company, specialized in producing equipment that fights cancer. They conduct both research and development and well as producing their own equipment, which means that they have laboratories, offices and a production line located at the same site, in Beijing. Elekta was founded by Lars Leksell back in 1972 and are today not only located in Sweden end Beijing but in I various sites all over the world.

This was the only study visit without a Swedish representative present but there were a few Swedish people stationed in Beijing but they were currently in Sweden, unfortunately. The CITO representatives were however greatly greeted by the CEO, of the Beijing office and the head of HR, Mrs. Yolanda Cheng, accompanied by four other staff members within the management segment of Elekta in Beijing.

They pointed out that the rules regarding working permit and visa are great hindrance for students and graduates to be employed by Elekta in Beijing. They continued by adding that the best mode of procedure is to apply though their official web page to either their site in the U.K or Sweden for further transference to Elekta in Beijing if that is of interest. Mandarin skills are however required to be employed by the Beijing office.

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