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Visit to IKEA in Beijing and to Tsinghua University

The CITO representatives Anna Ohlin and Sofie Weidenlöv continued their company visits in Beijing by visiting Beijing’s brand new IKEA store – Beijing Xihongmen, at the 22nd of May. The store opened in November 2013 as the second IKEA store in Beijing and the 15th in China. A large shopping mall, owned by IKEA, is to be connected to the store and will be opened later this year, which makes this facility the largest single investment in the history of IKEA.

The CITO representatives met with Swedish Mr. Fredrik C Johansson, the store manager of IKEA Beijing Xihongmen. IKEA is a multinational company founded by Ingvar Kamprad 1943 that sells furniture and home accessories to a low price. The vision of IKEA is to “create a better everyday life for everyone” according to Mr. Fredrik C Johansson.

Chalmers students that are interested in internships or employments at IKEA should apply though IKEA’s official website and also look out for IKEA’s trainee programme. The Beijing Xihongmen store is however currently looking for Swedish employees. Mandarin language skills are not required for working in the office of the store.

After the visit at IKEA, Anna and Sofie visited Tsinghua University that is considered one of the best universities in China. More than 34 000 students, in a broad range of fields are studying at Tsinghua University. Chalmers student Robin Feng, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Management and Economics of Innovation is the only exchange student from Chalmers who is studying here during the academic year of 13/14. Robin Feng is the first Chalmers student studying at Tsinghua University via Chalmers’ WorldWide programme and he enjoys the beautiful campus as much as Anna and Sofie did during their visit.

Chalmers students interesting in studying at Tsinghua University should apply for the WorldWide programme.

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