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Visit to Volvo Trucks, Beijing

During the afternoon of May 23th, Anna Ohlin and Sofie Weidenlöv visited Volvo Trucks in Beijing. The CITO representatives were welcomed by Mr. Claes Svedberg, senior vice president at China Joint Ventures. The office was located in an office building where two floors where dedicated to Vovlo Trucks but with different focus areas.

The part of Volvo Trucks visited by the CITO correspondents, where mainly focused on a procurement of DFCV which is one of the largest automotive truck companies in Asia. Volvo Trucks has a relatively low market share of the Asian automotive truck market but the purchase, which they were mainly working on, is expected to increase their total turn-over to a great extent.

As this part of the office mainly focused on a the procurement of DFCV, there is a small need for further employees but there might be better opportunities in the future when the purchase has been implemented. Mr. Claes Svedberg states that it is better to contact the Swedish offices for information regarding future possibilities and also denotes that Mandarin skills are highly appreciated when searching for a position in China.

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