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Visit to Swedish Match in Manila

Today, on the 5th of June, Pascal Csikasz and Marcus Kalander visited Swedish Match’s production plant of lighters in Manila. There we were recieved by Mattias, who is the current Finance & IT Manager on the site, and by Martin, who is set to fill this position in a few weeks. We were given a tour around the factory together with the production manager, and later we got to hear more about Swedish Match’s products, operations, and history, both in the Philippines and world wide.

Swedish Match is a manufacturer and distributor of snus, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars, lighters, and matches. The tobacco products are mainly sold in Europe and the U.S., while the lighters and matches are sold globally. Swedish Match employs over 4000 people in 10 countries around the world. The production facility in Manila has over 300 employees and boasts an output capacity of around 300 000 000 lighters per year.

Swedish Match in Manila are open to receiving inquiries about internships and master theses. Contact can most conveniently be made through CITO

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