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Visiting Ericsson in Manila

Today, on the 6th of June, Pascal Csikasz and Marcus Kalander visited Ericsson’s office in Manila. We were welcomed by Sales Manager Hans Hermenius, who has been at this location for three years. We were given a presentation about Ericsson’s operations in the Philippines and what their market looks like there today.

Ericsson established the Manila office in 1988. It is a sales office, which covers the Philippines as well as parts of Oceania. Today, the country has an exceptional telecommunications coverage, but the broadband coverage is lacking – only reaching about 15 %. Maintaining and expanding the communication networks is challenging in a country which is made up of over 7000 islands and which faces devastating typhoons and floods every year. The strong winds and extensive land erosion associated with those natural disasters can potentially damage masts and cables. Ericsson in the Philippines has put in a lot of effort into aiding areas struck by disaster with temporary, mobile communication units. They are also looking into ways of adapting their mobile masts more to the strong winds which routinely hits the country. Furthermore, they have engaged in various fundraisers and social projects for disaster relief and education.

Ericsson in Manila are open to internship applications. Inquiries can be made through CITO

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