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Visit at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

On the 24th of November the three CITO representatives Tommy Engqvist, Kasper Westman and Love Carlson visited the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Taipei. The CITO representatives met up with the CEO Louise Byström and conducted an interview with her to learn more about the Chamber and their activities.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei is a member based non-governmental organization with members constituting of private persons, Universities and companies. The Chamber has been present in Taiwan since 2010 and the only employee is the CEO Louise Byström. The Chamber in Taipei is part of a global network of Chambers but has extra close collaboration with the ones in Hong Kong and China. The Chamber in Taipei has currently no positions available for internships, primarily due to their poor office space.

The Chamber has three main purposes; promote Swedish business, to spread knowledge about Sweden and to create possibilities for networking between working Swedes in the region. To spread knowledge about Sweden and Swedish corporations is mainly done by hosting seminars, lectures, case studies and other similar activities. To create possibilities for networking the Chamber is arranging events, such as pub evenings and lectures.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Taipei also has another concept that makes them differ from other Chambers in Taiwan, which is their concept Young Professionals. This is a concept that is shared with other Swedish Chambers of Commerce and aims to attract young people to exchange experiences. Young Professionals involves both students and working persons and exists both for these individuals but also for companies who wants their employees to develop. Apart from exchanging experiences Young Professionals also makes the participants practice their language skills and ability to take own initiatives.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, please see their website

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