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Company Visit at Noodoe

Noodoe is a Taipei based IoT company who “creates magical experiences” for people and businesses through smart, technological solutions. On October 27th, CITO got the opportunity to visit the innovative company and meet the founder John Wang. Noodoe has been visited by CITO before, in 2015. The visit was much appreciated, making current CITO keen to visit Noodoe and take part of their successful journey and business story.

John Wang is a former Chief Marketing Officer at HTC and founder of the company’s innovation center Magic Labs. Wang was highly involved in HTC’s success by transforming the branding of the company. He explained thoroughly about his own journey at the tech company, as well as about how the company developed during his operative years. For instance, Mr. Wang described how HTC and Apple competed against each other to be the first company to launch a smartphone. Owing to Apple’s strong brand, HTC benefited from the situation and did a successful launch.

In 2013, Wang founded Noodoe who was named Cool Vendor of the Year 2016 by Gartner. The company integrates technological solutions as cloud services, software design and user experience design into products. In cooperation with KYMCO, a personal vehicle brand, Noodoe has integrated a personal social display to improve the user experience. Noodoe Service Block, which let restaurant visitors to communicate restaurant staffs, is also a innovative product developed by Noodoe, which has improved the service industry and increased restaurant’s efficiency.

At the end of the visit, Mr. Wang showed CITO around the office. He described how Noodoe values an open office landscape where all employees, regardless of position, share the same work place. By having an open office they could increase both work efficiency and promotive innovation.

CITO would like to thank Mr. Wang for his kind reception and an inspiring meeting. The company visit exceeded CITO’s already high expectations. Thank you!

Mr. Wang and CITO at Noodoe.

Mr. Wang and CITO at Noodoe.

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