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Release of Asia Magazine #30

On May 1st, CITO 17/18 arranged their last event with an release of the 30th issue of Asia Magazine.

Asia Magazine is a joint effort carried out by every Chalmers exchange students in Asia, coordinated and compiled by us exchange students at the Chalmers International Taiwan Office (CITO). The magazine is meant to act as an informative, entertaining and inspirational source of topics regarding Eastern Asia. With this dynamic region in focus, it features articles on cultural, political, economical and social subjects.

Many local and exchange students attended the event and took a copy of the magazine! In addition to this, we celebrated the Swedish tradition “Fettisdagen” (a little to late) by serving the pastry “Semla”. The Swedish pastry was highly appriciated by all the students, and many brought one extra semla back home after the event. We would like to thank you all for coming!

CITO - Chalmers International Taiwan Offices foto.

CITO - Chalmers International Taiwan Offices foto.

Lastly, if any of our readers are curious about what it’s like to live in Taiwan, we highly recommend you to check out the blog Renegade Writings, written by former CITO-member Anders Twetman.

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