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Company Visit at Atlas Copco


On December 3rd 2018, eight of the representatives from CITO got the opportunity to visit Atlas Copcos office in Tayouan, Taiwan. Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. Atlas Copco offers innovative compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining excavation equipment, power tools and assembly systems. Atlas Copco focused on sustainable productivity with energy efficiency, safety and comfort. The company was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1873. Now the business area reaches over 180 countries with 43,000 employees and a revenue of BSEK102 in 2015.

During our visit we sat down in one of their meeting rooms and was lucky enough to have nearly all the managers of the Taiwanese office attend our visit. The first half of the visit started off by us getting an introduction to the company’s products, its global structure and brand portfolio by General Manager, John Demers. The Taiwanese office of Atlas Copco is primarily a sales office where no production or development of their products are made. Instead its aim is to sell and/or service products to the Taiwanese businesses interested in their products. In the second half all the managers attending introduced their particular field that they were responsible of.

Atlas Copco has been serving the Taiwan market nearly 60 years. The business scope includes four categories: air compressors, mining and rock excavation, construction technique and vacuum solutions. Air compressors have been their main area of operation here in Taiwan with customers all across the country. MR won good global reputation in construction and mining. Faced with a mature market environment, MR business area still continues sustainable productivity in terms of quality, credibility, efficiency, service, environmental protection and ergonomic design to keep being the world leading provider. The vacuum solutions business area is relatively new for the Taiwanese office. Hopes are that this will be able to expand a lot in the coming years since they have all the manufacturing companies of semi-conductors as potential customers. Taiwan is home to some of the biggest actors in the world in this industry, thus making it an attractive market to enter.

CITO would like to thank all the managers at Atlas Copco for this very informative company visit. A special thanks to John Demers who invited us and made it all possible. All the CITO officers felt very well received with such a large number of attendances and the openness to discussion and questions. It was very interesting to get some insight of how Atlas Copco are able to maintain their number one position in the world in all of their operating fields. Thank you!