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Company Visit Tesla 2019

Model X

On May 16th, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei arranged a wonderful evening event at Tesla’s office and showroom in Taipei. Six members of CITO tagged along and joined the many other Swedes and Taiwanese attending the event.

Tesla was founded in 2003, and has grown to become one of the most hyped and recognized car brands in the world. With the world-famous Elon Musk as CEO, Tesla stands out by only offering electric cars. Many people might see them as only a car company, but they are much more than that. Tesla is all about energy , technology and sustainability. By offering both solar panels and energy storage, they are the only complete solution provider of personal transport. The panels convert sunlight to energy, batteries store it in your house, and finally that is used to charge the car during the night. The main goal of the company is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. They still consider themselves a startup, able to adjust their operations to achieve their goal.

In the impressive complex in Taipei’s Neihu district, we got a presentation containing the technologies and goals of the company, as well as a walkthrough of the different buildings on the grounds. Of course, we were also allowed to explore both the Model S and X in the showroom and were in the end treated to a demonstration of the technical capabilities of the cars.

The evening ended with a mingle where we could ask questions to the employees and enjoy some snacks and refreshments. We would like to thank the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Bruce Chao, the Head of Taiwan marketing, for arranging the evening. It was very informative and fun, we had a great time!

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