Visiting Embassy of Sweden, Section Office Yangon


On Thursday 2nd of April CITO representatives Kasper Westman and Victor Petersson met with Johan Hallenborg, a Swedish diplomat working at the Embassy Section Office in Yangon as a Minister Counsellor. The Section Office was inaugurated in June 2014 and works mainly with development cooperation and political reporting. The Section Office also works with trade promotion. It is located in the Nordic House together with the Norwegian E mbassy, the Danish Embassy and the Diplomatic Mission of Finland. Johan Hallenborg has been working at the Embassy Section Office since 2014 and has during this time learned about the country and its political situation.

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Lychee Ventures


In the beginning of April CITO-members Kasper and Victor met Andreas Sigurdsson, entrepreneur, now running his own business in Yangon, Myanmar. According to him, he is one of approximately 50-100 startups in Yangon right now. Andreas was a member of the staff at the CITO office 2003/2004. Having finished his degree from Chalmers in 2005 he travelled to Shanghai on a language study grant by the Swedish Institute and learnt Chinese during 6 months. After that he stayed in Shanghai for 6 years to work for different companies. Andreas declares that China was a good school for learning how to make business in Myanmar and one of the choices for setting up a business in Yangon.

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Ericsson Myanmar

ericssonmyanmarOn Tuesday 31st of March CITO representatives Kasper Westman and Victor Petersson visited Ericsson’s office in Yangon, Myanmar. There they met with Nu Yin Myint and Nga Kim. Nu Yin Myint, working as a Communications Manager, was one of the first local employees at the office when she started working for Ericsson in 2012, changing careers from the hotel business. Wanting to work for a global company was one of the reasons for choosing Ericsson. Nga Kim is the Project manager for Ericsson’s project Connect To Learn. After working for Ericsson in Vietnam since 2010, she got the opportunity to takeon this challenge at the office in Yangon.The fact that Ericsson is a highly innovative company with a changing environment all the time makes her want to work for Ericsson. She says it is a challenging work, yet exciting. 

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Traditional Swedish game and Asia magazine!


Asia Magazine #25

Asia Magazine #25

On the 12th of May, we are having an event combining 25th Asia Magazine release and playing some traditional Swedish games called “Brännboll”, which has some resemblance with baseball . The location is in front of Assembly Building at 4 PM, hope to see you all there!

The electronic magazine can already be found at:

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Study Visit at Ericsson Taiwan

hemsidaKasper Westman, Linn Hantoft, Maximilian Ludvigsson, Alexander Radenkovic, Ludvig Barrehag, Johan Rydberg and Johnny Ngu was among the lucky few from the CITO office who go the opportunity to visit Ericsson in their office located in Taipei. During this meeting we met with many senior staff such as the President of Ericsson Taiwan Håkan Cervell, CTO Ralph Löfdahl, HR Manager Grace Chang, Communication Manager Joyce Lin and Account Manager Johnson Chen. This meeting was conducted to learn more about the difficulties and challenges of Ericsson in Asia in general, and Taiwan in particular. What they think needs to be done to satisfy the customers, and further also develop as a company.
Ericsson is a provider of communications technology, such as provide the software, hardware and services to telecom operators, networking equipment, television solutions and the accompanying support that their solutions requires. As one of the largest companies in the field, Ericsson is leading the development of what they call: “The Networked Society”.

The Ericsson branch in Taiwan specializes in IOT (interoperability tests), that is, to make sure customer devices and applications function well in live network environments. This is made to ensure the customer that the equipment is of the highest standard.

During our meeting numerous topics were discussed, the most interesting one being their vision of the future and how the company will develop accordingly. The development of the internet has been incredibly fast, the amount of connected devices have been and will be increasing exponentially. The challenges lie in providing a network that can withstand the increasingly demanding customer (in terms of speed and stability), but also the increasing numbers of connected devices. From five billion to fifty. During the past years we have seen 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G have been developed. Where each new generation was developed to serve more users. “The Networked Society” will lead us to the fifth generation of internet – 5G.

Excited about Ericsson? They will soon be announcing the summer internship programs, and if you are interested of learning more about Ericsson you can visit the link

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The Chalmers International Taiwan Office is an organization set up by one of the leading technological universities in Sweden - Chalmers University of Technology. The office is run by exchange students from Chalmers and is based at the National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Our aim is to act as a hub between Chalmers and East Asia.

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